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We carry a wide range of industrial products and accessories

that are suited for all industries that includes standard and customized products for specific industries.  We also provide a wide range of peripheral equipment such as cooling units, electrical and electronic components & parts for industry specific needs.  The range of our industrial products and services are:

nVent HOFFMAN (Previously ELDON)

Enclosure Systems

Floor Standing Enclosures

Wall Mounted Enclosures

Terminal Boxes

nVent HOFFMAN (Previously ELDON)

Human Machine Interface

PC Enclosure Range

Console Range

Swing Arm System

nVent HOFFMAN (Previously ELDON)

Thermal Management System

Cooling Units

Vortex Range

Air-water Heat Exchanges Range

Ventilation Range

Heating & Anti-condensation Range

Control Range

nVent HOFFMAN (Previously ELDON)

Cable Management System

Cable Glands

Cable Entry Gland Plates

nVent HOFFMAN (Previously ELDON)

General Accessories

Lighting & Sockets






Electronic Packaging Systems (EPS)

Subtrack Systems

Instrument Cases & System Enclosures

Industrial PCs




Components & Accessories

Please go to the websites of our major partners to view a full range of our product line and services.

In addition to the above, we also provide the following products:

  • Environmentally friendly electronic pest control system for various industries; and
  • Other electrical & electronic components and parts.

For more information on our electronic pest control system and other products, please contact us.